Designed e-commerce websites can be a challenge and that is exactly why ecommerce solutions exist. They are here to help you out with the whole design process and one of the most popular ones is the WordPress ecommerce solution. The WooCommerce plugin is specifically designed to work with WordPress which is why they are a perfect match and why they are able to produce some incredible looking e-commerce websites and in this article, we will introduce you to three of them.

Blue Star Coffee Roasters

This is a gorgeous site which has a very impressive, imaginative and high-quality design and is the perfect example of how great the WordPress ecommerce solution is and how easily you can customize the WooCommerce plugin to fit your brand. Because of this customization, when you open any of the product pages on this site you don’t get the feeling that it is a WooCommerce shop product page. The shopping cart is also improved and once you add a product to it, you can immediately see it pop up in the cart itself. The one thing that this site lacks is more product photos, such as in-depth shots of coffee, but other than that it is a great site.

Forage and Graze

This is a New Zealand based company and their website is one that immediately catches the customer’s eye by making a very strong first impression by putting a unique logo and very high-quality images right on its front page. Something that this site does very well is it integrates the feeling of the whole brand throughout the whole ecommerce website without giving customers the feeling that they are pushing their products. Speaking of the products, the site only has a handful of them, but the company does a very good job in representing the products to their customers with the use of some high-quality design. This website is another great example of that a site can look like with the help of the WordPress framework.

Spectator Magazine Shop

This site is known to be “the oldest continuously published magazine in the English language” and with the power of the WordPress e-commerce solution and its WooCommerce plugin, this site has a unique feel to it, which slightly resembles a New Yorkers magazine. The designers have done a very good job because when you look at this website there is no way that you can see any of the WooCommerce standard features since they have been made to disappear into the design itself. The designers have also found a way to drive their customer’s curiosity by presenting their products in some unique categories on their home page, as well as an entire category dedicated to their popular products.

There are many factors that influence a good ecommerce webpage, but the design aspect is definitely one of the most important ones. Using an ecommerce platform like WordPress, as well as a plugin like WooCommerce, can be excellent tools when it comes to the building of your website and these websites are the perfect examples of that.


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