If you are running a small business and you have been considering to take it online, then now is probably the best time for you to do so since online shopping is now bigger than it has ever been before. Before you are able to start selling however, there are a bunch of decisions you need to make and one of those is to figure out which ecommerce software you want to use and the best way to make that decision is by doing a good amount of research. To help you, we have put together four of the best ecommerce software solutions for you small business for you to consider.

Claim the Web

If your main goal is success, then this is the right ecommerce software for your small business. Claim the Web is more than just a simple ecommerce platform since it also provides you with expert consulting and evaluation services which are the perfect tools to help you optimize your success, and with the software’s conversion-based website designs and different types of custom functions, you will also be able to increase your sales and simplify the overall operations of your small business.


Even though this ecommerce software is perfect for a small business, it can also be used for businesses of all sized. This is a more advanced ecommerce solution that is feature rich and in addition to offering a website, payment processing and a shopping cart plugin, it also offers you built-in-content management system, customizable templates and more.

Pinnacle Cart

If you are someone whose focus is the growth of your small business, even if you are just starting out, then this is the perfect ecommerce software for you. This software stands out because of its scalability which means that as your business grows, so will the software. This is a great thing to have because it will save you the trouble of having to switch your ecommerce software once your small business starts expanding.


The whole point of this ecommerce software is that it is very easy to use and modify, as well as easy to maintain. This is an open-source, e-commerce software that is also complete and you can chose from a big collection of design themes and then customize them fully to fit your business’ needs.

Before you make your final decision, make sure to evaluate your business as best as you can and see what it is that you need from an ecommerce software, and after you have all of that down, you will be able to choose the perfect solution for your small business.


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