4 Must-Haves Of An Effective Ecommerce Template

E-commerce template matters…

Think about the product you purchase from a store. What is the most influential aspect while making a purchase decision? Of course, most people purchase products due to their packaging. An attractive package will always earn you more sales. This is so even with a poor quality of the product inside the package.

Just like the product package, the appearance of your e-commerce website is central. What the prospect see when they land on your site is the determinant of the next course of action. If your e-commerce template is appealing, they will move on to check out the products you are offering. When this happens, you are certain that you will probably make a sale and the opposite is true.

As such, you need to select the right theme to enhance youre-commerce website impression and attraction to first-time visitors. Here are the four must-have elements you should look for in an e-commerce template:

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a)    Impact on customer experience

Your e-commerce site is your display window through which customers purchase your products. The experience your customers gain from your website determines whether they will return in future or not. In this essence, you need to ensure your e-commerce template supports your business vision and mission.

 Also, it should be fit for the industry and products you are offering. Ensure your template of choice offers you an opportunity to enhance your customer experience. Importantly, you should favor e-commerce themes with features that help you to address the customer problems at a personal level.

In whole, your template should allow you to offer the customer experience that your client would enjoy if they were shopping in a physical store.

b)    Responsiveness

In the current decade, customers are no longer using computers as their sole online shopping device. Mobile devices such as tablets and iPhones are now becoming the shopping centers.  In fact, currently, mobile devices lead others on Google searches.

In this regard, your e-commerce template should be responsive to mobile devices. It should offer your customers similar shopping experience regardless of the device they are using to access your website.

Importantly, when designing your e-commerce website, your theme should enable you to customize how your site will appear when viewing accessed from various devices. Ignoring this aspect will deny you an opportunity to make sales particular in this era where shopping is going mobile.

c)    Social media sharing-ready

Social media is now a significant business tool than a platform for sharing rumors.  The platform counts the second largest online marketplace after the search engines. As such, when thinking of an e-commerce template, you should ensure that your customers do not have any difficulties when sharing links to your site on the social media.

Essentially, you should choose e-commerce themes with social media integration fixed on them. The general rule is giving your customers a chance to share items that they like on your online store with their peers.

d)    Supports your marketing activities

 Of course, when running an e-commerce business like any other venture, marketing is irreplaceable. You need to convince your prospects that what you are offering is the best choice for them. In this regard, you need to select e-commerce themes that have features to support your marketing activities. The theme should enable you to use popups and other promotional tactics to woo your visitors.

Final thoughts

While an e-commerce template is vital for your online business, you should ensure it supports your enterprise mission and vision. In this regard, you must ensure that your website themes of choice enhance your customer experience and social media sharing. Also, it should be responsive to all access devices and supportive to your marketing activities.