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Our Monday Challenge gang is a close-knit group of adventurers. We come up with mere words and create many art pieces on our artistic interpretations. This is very similar to the work you would do in either an advanced photography course in college or a commercial photographer's response to a client's request. It's for FUN! There is no competition, no prizes, no personal gain other than the gain you get from being able to post a shot on a Monday! If you know you won't be able to participate, let us know. All code provided herein is for use on the Challenge Community (CC). You are more than welcome to post your shots every Monday at the Dailies but please refrain from using this code. We WILL remove participants upon the obvious disregard for our principles.

You must have a gallery dedicated to the CC so, once you've accepted the invite, create a challenge gallery and link it to the Challenge Community. You will still be receiving emails every Monday morning describing the challenge.

Place your cursor anywhere in YOUR box. Hit Ctrl A, then Ctrl C, then, in your caption box in SmugMug, Ctrl V.

In the space, [Put your description here.], remove the brackets and the text and add your own description of what you created.

Here are a few guidelines to follow for this group. It is the group that decides if participants are accepted or not.

There are no winners or losers only participants.

We post only pictures that can be viewed by anyone on the site as some of us have small children, John 300m for one.

You need to inform me (kre8ive) by Saturday noon Eastern time if you are in or out for the week as I donate my time to hand write the weekly challenge code.

Post your shot on the word as quoted in the challenge list for the week. Do not deviate or change the word.

After two weeks of not replying to the challenge acceptance, you will be removed from the included code and from this page. All you need do is let us know that you've caught up with life (if that's possible) and can now participate or will be able to let me know by the deadline and you will be reaccepted.

DO NOT change your Challenge Gallery once you've notified me of its whereabouts. If you change your gallery, I will have to update the code so our viewers can find you.

Please make sure your shots are G rated. If not, we will not accept you here (there may be other groups you can join...such as DGrin). We DO NOT want to exclude anyone but we DO reserve the right to do so.

NOTE: Code will be updated by 11:00 PM ET on the Saturday prior to the challenge posting.

This is what my code will look like (I have not removed the place holders [Put your word.]

The "Painting With Light" Challenge...06/08/09

The Challenge:Show us your interpretation of "Painting With Light".
The Participants: John (300m), The Curious Camel, Karina, Creative Deviance, Lady Kate, Johnloguk, FotoEffects, Hillary, CSPics, and myself.
The Result: [Put your description here.]

Find your code here: John (300m), Karina, Kelly, LadyKate, Johnloguk, Gail, Fotoeffects, Hillary, CSPics


John (300m)

Karina Boese


Lady Kate